Tyler Wiegand

Tyler Wiegand

Full Stack Developer

Most of these projects were my own creation with some artwork added by another entity, or as a contractor with a startup. Each project either links to details about it or to the site itself. In most cases, I was working on proprietary solutions to internal tools that aren't freely available on the web. This project list is in reverse chronological order.

AOG Online

Utilizing an open source command line C library, I put together a selection of hardware, a network layout, and this web-based application. The Web App allowed large BACnet-based systems to be monitored in real time as large display pages and as a smaller tile-based interface that gave an abstracted layer of control to building engineers and directors.

HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, Laravel, jQuery, Bootstrap, Vuejs


One fateful evening, a friend and I had the idea to bring scientific accuracy to the alcohol imbibing game. Many human subjects tested the efficacy of the process before we finally decided on a formula. Graphics by FairlyArtful.

HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, Laravel, jQuery, Bootstrap

Optimize Billing Preview

Optimize Billing

A client that used Optimize wanted some custom software to send bills to its tenant's based on their energy usage. I narrowed the scope and took specs for the project, but it quickly grew beyond the original design and was reworked again afterward. This project used a third party Java based backend for data collection.

HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, Python, Laravel, jQuery, Bootstrap, Excel


Using a Java-based data collection tool, Optimize provides a customized interface to enable simple controls to specific HVAC devices over a VPN-based network system.

HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, Laravel, jQuery, Bootstrap, Vuejs

Talent Tracker

Client (Improve Group) requested an application for employees where they could retrieve details and estimate cost of a subcontractor over a the lifespan of a project. This also helped them keep an eye on under-utilized subcontractors, and to see if they had any over-represented categories of expertise.

HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, Laravel, jQuery, Bootstrap

Twitter Battery

Sandia Labs and BMW wanted a battery that filled up with tweets pertaining to a specific hashtag in order to promote their latest electric car during a TEDxABQ event.

HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, jQuery

Internet Crossroads

A single static page for a joint venture with a new business partner.

HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP